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We design successful retail and ecommerce experiences.

Solid Process.

At Easel Studios, we do without the big departments, the complex bureaucracy & the frustrating red tape. There are no layers here. We don't believe in outsourcing & we deeply care about quality, standards & doing it the right way. Everyone here can either code or design (and many times both). Direct is an understatement. You'd be surprised how much of a difference this makes.



Our business is 100% referral driven. We're not big fans of salesmen & we don't believe in selling you something you don't need.



We're a team of experts. Working with us, is working with the best of us. Our primary focus is eCommerce.



Our 100% in-house team covers design & development, Shopify, Magento and big commerce and strategic consulting services.


Nantucket Looms

NantucketLooms Luxury handwovens, interior design, retail showroom & online store. A Nantucket mainstay since 1968.


SCS Unlimited

SCS Unlimited is the largest manufacturer of custom Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) graphics in the world! SCS Unlimited pride ourselves on producing graphics of the highest standards.



KanCan USA offers High stretch,denim jeans for modern woman,KanCan USA have a vast variety of women's skinny jeans, boyfriend relaxed jeans, bootcut jeans and much more.



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We've worked with some pretty great clients.

First Time Seller?

Thinking to take the business online or start a drop shipping business? Or looking for the right platform that supports your business model and unique approach? We are the team that helps you deliver you a right solution that suits your need. We care about your businesses as much as you do. We built amazing online stores up and running on Shopify.

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Magento to Shopify?

Still using Magento, you must check out Shopify. We know you don't want to take the pain and spent sleepless nights and deal tons of issue, change is always difficult when you already running a business. At Easel, we make it right and hassle-free for you. Our managers and smart digital team help achieve your goal in right budget and time.

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Shopify Plus

Are you already selling online but your existing website does not match your expectations? We are sure you must looking for a solution that takes your focus away from firefighting every day and helps you focus on business and customers. you’ll be more at home on Shopify Plus. Enterprise edition of Shopify offers 0% transactions fee, multiple customizations, and dedicated account manager.

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